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About the Artist

About the artist - Chris Kapitaniuk


Art has always been my main focus and outlet in life. To cultivate my creativity is key for my wholeness as a happy individual. I’ve loved art since a small child and it has always grounded me, both mentally and physically. Being an over active child/adult, art and creativity has been instrumental to my successes. If I’m not making/fixing or failing at doing so, I’m simply not happy. Welding has always been a wonderful outlet to showcase my talent. Now 20 years later, I am bringing my passions together to complete the circle I started those many years ago, and maybe pass down my knowledge and work ethic to those who would be interested. It is a blessing to be able to bring these things to a long dreamed reality. Thanks for visiting the site, I hope you enjoy my works and visit back often to see new projects as I complete them.

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